lisandra bergmen
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lisandra micheli bergmen
lisandra anne michelli
lissa, lis (by august only)
MAY 28, 1975 + 39
cambridge, ma
Chief Security Officer for Bergmen Industries
Married to August Bergmen
One child on the way (Due September 2015)
When Lisandra Micheli was younger, she wanted to be an astronaut. Then a ballerina. Then a rapper. It wasn't until she was older and in high school that she realized she wanted to be a journalist. The school newspaper got to her first. She was reporting on the mundane tasks of the school, and soon she wanted to bring more 'class' to the high school paper. When that wasn't enough, she took an internship at the Boston Globe. When that wasn't enough, she got into college, going to Emerson College in Boston and started on her bachelor?s degree in journalism. Lisandra Micheli was going to be the next big thing in journalism. She was going to break all the latest news stories. She was going to force herself to try to take interest in things that didn't particularly interest her, because she knew she could get more recognition that way. Lisandra has always been described as ambitious and determined, and this was no different. Lisandra Micheli was going to be the best damn journalist the world had ever seen.

That was until she realized that she hated reporting on world news after a while. Politics was too shady, there was too many underground dealings going on, and researching it made her feel dirty. Politicians were not people to look up to, let alone report on. Celebrities weren't much better. Who cared what they ate or where they slept or what they did Saturday night? Lisandra didn't. She didn't care, and the more she tried to get jobs outside of college, she couldn't do it. She was offered positions as a gossip columnist. Or she could write a love column, because "young women love to write those, right?". She wasn't the type to get on her soap box, not any more. After getting out of college, a year into her job search Lisandra felt that she was running out of options. If she wanted to get places, she needed to shove herself into a job she didn't want.

It was around the time that Lisandra turned 22 that she had noticed a job posting that she considered a slight topic change in her career. Despite her professionalism, and the fact that she could come off as a bit of a prude (to those who don't really know her), Lisandra always considered herself a bit of a technological geek, and with pride. She has all the latest gadgets, she knows what's going on with the world of technology, and when she needed to unwind, she always turned to games. So at 23, it was a year where a lot of game websites and magazines were coming out, and IGN was looking for people to work for them, and Lisandra was looking for a job. It worked out perfectly. She was always a gamer, big on PC gaming and consoles her entire life and the more she researched into what IGN hoped to achieve the more she wanted to join the company. Lisandra had no other job options, and figured it was worth a shot. They asked her to their New York offices for an interview, and Lisandra happily accepted.

But of course, that doesn't mean that things always go how they're supposed to go. Coming back from her interview in New York, she was attacked by an mugger - she fought back and managed to keep her things with her, and got the man into a bit of trouble himself, but she hated just how scared the whole thing had made her. This caused a complete change in career for her - instead of going in the way of journalism, Lisandra moved back home to Boston and get a new degree - a degree in criminal justice, and a job as a police officer. By the end of the year, Lisandra entered the police academy, completely giving herself over to the training and making sure she could learn everything she could -- she vowed that she would never be caught off guard or almost harmed ever again. She wanted people to fear her.

She trained hard for the police academy, and ended up graduating at the top of her class - and was given two options. She could work as a Massachusetts State Trooper, or she could join the CIA. While staying home seemed like a good idea at the time, it wasn't every day that people were given a position at the CIA, and so she jumped at the chance at joining one of the highest government agencies. She ended up joining the CIA, and worked there for years. She was a top agent, highly dependable, and ended up doing more for her country than she had ever imagined doing.

By the time she turned 30, she was one of the most sought after agents, and the higher she climbed in the corporate ladder of the CIA, the more red tape she seemed to run across. She was starting to grow frustrated, and she was starting to feel like she was throwing her skills away. Her supervisor suggested that she take a break and go home to Boston for a while, and that was exactly what she did. She planned to go home, relax, see her family, and come back to work refreshed. But of course, fate had another plan.

Visiting her friends in Back Bay, she was invited to go out to an exclusive nightclub opening, where the best of the best of Boston would be partying all night. That night, while she was dancing with her friends, she had caught the eye of billionaire and bachelor August Bergmen. He invited her up to his VIP section, and while it made her roll her eyes (because attractive or not, she was so not interested), she agreed and headed that way anyway. As she did so, a man and woman walked in front of her and pulled out a gun on August - Lisandra without even thinking jumped into action. She knocked the man down on his knees and punched the woman in the cheek, kicking the gun away and immediately snapped into agent mode, using her work phone to call for backup. As she questioned August to find out who he thought was trying to kill him, he ended up trying his best to flatter her -- and to get her to work for him instead.

It wasn't an offer Lisandra originally took, but she agreed to stay in the city while they figured out who had tried to kill the billionaire -- it seemed to just be a woman scored and her brother helping her. But August practically begging her to work for him (Which she had to admit was a weird sight to see) she finally caved. She went back to Langley to hand in her resignation at the CIA, and finally accepted the position to work in the private sector.By the time she turned 31, August had named Lisandra the Chief Security Officer of Bergmen Inc.

Working in the private sector wasn't as exciting as working for the CIA, but it was a life she was far more happier with - for one she could finally get the tattoos that she wanted to, something she couldn't do while she worked for the government. She even started to date around, and found herself dating various people who were all wrong for her (and sometimes too young for her). After a while, she had started to grow close to August, spending time working out his personal security, and eventually spending time with him grabbing a beer after hours, or teasing him about the various horrible dates he had been on. Little did she know she was falling in love, and when she finally realized she was in love with him, it hit her like a ton of bricks. They tried to keep it physical at first, but it didn't last - August proposed in Summer 2014, and Lisandra accepted.

And apparently, it had hit him like bricks as well -- once the two grew a pair large enough to make them both admit their feelings, they moved rather quickly. They moved in together and got engaged - and on October 18, 2014 were married in Italy. Now Lisandra is adjusting working for her husband, getting used to the married life, and is trying her best not to screw it all up.
Unborn Child (Due September 2015)
John Micheli
Susan Micheli
Rebecca Micheli
Charlotte Micheli
Dena Micheli

facts » Moved into a loft-style apartment once she had moved back to Boston. After marrying August, Lisandra moved in with him but the pair agreed to keep her apartment as well in case of emergencies.

» Is a serious foodie and loves to try anything and everything that is put in front of her. People have a tendency to look at her a bit strange when she wants to order thirds when not everyone has had seconds, but it's the way she always has been

» Used to be picky about her career and seriously considered giving up her dreams. She's glad she didn't.

» Was engaged once to a successful businessman. It didn't work out. What's past is past.

» Has taken singing lessons since she was young, though she still claims she's not any good at it.

» Loves traveling but hates flying. So if she can take a train, or a bus, or even a motorbike, she will.

» Road trips are her favorite and she loves to go out on trips for weeks at a time

» Las Vegas is an awesome place to her as long as she has someone with her while she's there. She has a tendency to drink too much while she's partying and completely blacking out -- she likes to joke that The Hangover was really written about her.

» Has two degrees thanks to the massive amount of downtime that she had between work. She has a degree in Computer Science and a degree in Journalism. Both are Bachelors. She's not sure if she's going to go for her masters yet.

» Loves space and everything about it. Seriously geeks out about it on the regular.

» When she's really nervous, she has a tendency to say "um" or "erm", and either talks way too fast, or completely forgets how words work. This only happens if she's frustrated or flustered, and the only person who really gets under her skin that bad is August.

» Has way too many tattoos, but she's addicted. Once she left the CIA, she finally got all the tattoos that she wanted (since she was not allowed to have them while working for the agency.)

comic verse tie-in » Trained special agent, experienced in espionage, hand-to-hand combat and the use of a variety of weapons. (Lissa was CIA.)
» Both hold leadership roles in their company: Lisandra is Chief Security Officer, Maria is Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
» Has a take-no-shit attitude about most of her life, this causes people to view her as a bit cold at times.
» High level of intelligence, even more so concerning security and espionage.
Both were past secret agents before their current employment positions.
» Connections to Iron Man/Tony Stark: Maria foiled an attack on Stark Tower, while Lisandra foiled a murder attempt on August.
» Both Maria and Lisandra have a romantic past to Tony Stark, though Lisandra ended up marrying him.
» Close connection with Daisy Johnson/Quake.
current unlocked skills & items » Expert spy/assassin
» Advanced knowledge of military weapons
» S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier
» S.H.I.E.L.D Flying Car
» S.H.I.E.L.D Quinjet
» S.H.I.E.L.D Combat Suit
» Advanced knowledge of S.H.I.E.L.D and Hydra

au skills

» Was a highly sought-after CIA agent from 2000 to 2005, the majority of which she was deep undercover.
» Highly proficient in most weaponry (and a fast learner for weapons she doesn't know).
» Expert in physical and cyber security and has been one of the leading security experts in the private sector for 10 years.
» Keeps detailed personal files on all employees (and those she views could be potential threats to the company - this list is very small.)