birth name lana marie boehm birthdate and age july 8, 1994; 22 born and raised in charlotte, north carolina current residence sleepy hollow, new york occupation hairdresser at cutting edge relationship status dating

It was in the beginning of July 1994 that the already two week late little girl finally decided to make her presence known. Leslie must have cursed up a storm in the delivery room – warning Mark that he would never touch her again. Idle threats of course. They named her Lana. Lana Marie Boehm, the first daughter and second child born to Mark and Leslie Boehm. She would not be their last child, for a few years later their daughter Janina would be born. However, it was Lana that became their little shinning star. From the day she could talk, she would talk up a storm. Making up elaborate stories to entertain her siblings and cousins at parties. Even the adults on occasion. And while both Taylor and Janina had been extremely shy, Lana marched to her own beat. She wanted people to know who she was, at least in her childhood years. She made announcements when she waltzed into the room. Took dance classes, riding classes, anything that could get her involved in things. Of course, this made her parents happy that she wanted to be out there and playing with other kids, especially given Taylor's shyness during his early years had worried them a bit.

When Lana was fourteen her parents sprung the news that they would be getting a divorce. And while Lana fully understood divorces happen, it was the fact her father admitted his infidelity that made it just that much harder. After much debating and arguing, it was decided that Lana and Janina would move with Leslie to Irvington, New York where she had family. The girls didn't exactly want to leave, but they understood that what their father did had crushed their mother, heck it even crushed them to know the man they looked up to could do something like that. So it was Portland bound for the three of them.

Settling into Irvington had been not the easiest thing for Lana, a girl who have thrived so much back in Charlotte was feeling like a very small fish in a very big pond. Attending a new school was the last thing she wanted to do, especially given that she would be going to a new high school mid-year. It definitely was far from being ideal. The bubbly girl for the first time in her life became reserved and rather shy and over the first few months took a while to really settle in. eventually she made friends and began to enjoy living in the new area, but in her heart Charlotte would always be her home. Even at her mothers protests that her and Janina did not have to do if they didn't want, both girls spent summers with their father. Even if Lana hadn't truly forgiven him for what he did, she wished to be able to spend at least some time with the friends and other family members she missed so much after moving up to Portland.

Lana had always done fairly well in school, so when the time to begin to look into what colleges she may want to attend, she was far from being frighten. The prospect of taking a year off and traveling had been very tempting, but knowing her parents, it was probably not the best idea. After applying to a handful of colleges in the area and out, she finally decided to go to cosmetology school to work her way to becoming a hairdresser. While going back to Charlotte had been tempting, Irvington seemed to be the best choice for her at the time. She worked her ass off, and although she didn't have the typical college experience as some of her friends, she still made it enjoyable.

Now working at a salon, and going about her day to day life. Lana actually had been able to make Irvington her home, and she'd probably miss it if she left.

IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBERS MARK BOEHM: Father, Accountant. Since divorcing from Leslie when Lana was 14 years old, Lana and her youngest sister only saw their father during school breaks and the summer due to having moved to New York. The marriage dissolved after argument upon argument as well as Mark's infidelity. Although Lana loves her father there is often tension between the two for his choices which includes his much younger girlfriends.

LESLIE BOEHM: Mother, Chiropractor. After divorcing Mark, Leslie moved Lana and Janina to New York to be closer to family. She works hard to support her family, and her and Lana have a pretty good relationship. She's dated on and off since her divorce, but has never remarried.

TAYLOR BOEHM: Older Brother. Having been quite shy in his youth, Taylor was always someone that Lana looked up to. She followed him around and used to be a bit of a tom boy due to the fact she wanted to do the same thing as her brother even if he was a few years older than her. They kept in touch when she moved to New York, and he visited often. Eventually Taylor moved to New York.

JANINA BOEHM: Younger Sister. Has a decent relationship with her family members, but sometimes comes off as not caring about things. This is often chalked up to being a teeanger. Her and Lana have their clashing moments, but for the most part they do get along quite well.

FACTOIDS ☆ Has loved riding horses since she was a little girl. Continually tried to convince her parents to buy her a horse, but they never gave into her begging no matter what.

☆ She was fourteen years older when her parents divorced. Although she did not wish to move from North Carolina, her mother uprooted her and her younger sister and the three of them headed to New York. Her brother stayed behind since he was older and had things going on.

☆ When college seemed to not be the path that Lana wanted to do exactly, she opted to instead go to cosmetology school to work her way towards one day becoming a hairdresser. She went on to finish school and land herself a job.


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